Marketing Tips to Sell Your Home

Today`s real estate market is more of a buyer`s market than ever, and the housing market is ripe with homes for sale. Selling a home today can be tough, but a full-time and full-service real estate agent will work hard to sell your home. If your agent has the right mix of internet marketing strategies to best present your property and draw in potential buyers for your home, your home should sell more quickly.

Tips for Marketing Your Home - Displaying Signage

Signage allows passersby to see that your property is for sale and provides a number for potential buyers to immediately get in touch with your agent or you. Think of signage in the yard and on the property as free advertising. Distinctive signage is important when selling your home. Having the sign of a well-known REALTOR® in your yard is a guaranteed way to get more 'lookers'.

Tips for Marketing Your Home - Taking Photos

The sagest advice that can be given to homeowners looking to sell their home is to be sure that great photographs of the home and the property are taken and posted. This means taking high quality photographs of the home from all angles, including exterior and interior shots. A REALTOR® typically works with a professional photographer or utilizes their own high-end photography equipment to capture just the right photographs for your listing.

Tips for Marketing Your Home - Creating a Virtual Tour

A virtual tour of the home is a wonderful way to provide access to the home 24/7/365 to potential buyers. You don`t have to be selling a three million dollar home to create a virtual tour. In fact, buyers in all price ranges now expect (and love) the virtual tour. The virtual tour will literally allow the buyer to go from room to room, viewing the home at a 360-degree view. Tours can have music added to them, or professionally narrated scripts. Most REALTORS® consider the inclusion of a virtual tour to be vital to a successful listing.

Tips for Marketing Your Home - the Internet

90% of buyers use internet to search for homes in today`s market. Internet marketing is a large part of getting exposure for your home to better reach potential buyers. This is a complex process, but the main part of a selling marketing campaign. Make sure your property is properly listed in MLS with virtual tours, on agent`s website, a dedicated property website, routine posting in Craigslist, posting in Youtube, and syndicating the property listing to major real estate classifies and directories.

These are just some of the tips that I suggest for marketing your home. Get in touch with me now, I will show you my step by step marketing plan for your property!